Find a Personal Trainer Using the ‘The 3 P’s’

For those who are trying to find a personal trainer to boost their results in the gym, it can sometimes be very confusing to choose only one. What qualities should you look for in a personal trainer? Do you want someone more aggressive who is going to push you past your current limitations? Or do you need someone more nurturing in their approach? Everyone has different needs, and every fitness instructor is different. But all personal trainers should have the same essential qualities that we like to call The 3 P’s.

1. Patience

A professional personal trainer should understand that every client is different. What works for one client may not work for another. Upon your first meeting, he or she should perform an overall assessment of your current level of fitness and your individual personal goals. They should also be able to adapt their workout pace according to the rate of progress of each client. Fitness training is not a “one size fits all” activity. While you generally want someone who is going to motivate you to achieve greater and greater heights, you also don’t want to be made to feel inferior along the way.

2. Personality

Before interviewing potential candidates, it’s usually a good idea to define the type of personality that you want in a personal trainer. You want someone who is going to fit well with your own personality traits. Are you straight-forward and to-the-point when you communicate? Then perhaps you need a trainer who is “all business” in the gym. Do you prefer someone who is more laid back and sociable? Then take a look around the gym and start watching how each personal trainer interacts with their clients. Everyone has a unique personality, including personal trainers. Choose one that complements your own disposition.

3. Professionalism

In your attempt to find a personal trainer, the final choice should be someone that you can trust. And while it is important to develop a close relationship with your trainer, there also needs to be a certain level of professionalism at all times. You can tell the good from the bad quite easily once you begin watching them as you work out in the gym. Do they like to flirt with other gym members? Is their attention focused strictly on the client? Or are they too busy looking at themselves in the mirror? What are they wearing? Is it professional, somewhat plain attire? You can tell a great deal about a personal trainer just by watching how they interact with others in the gym, staff included.

Find a personal trainer that fits your needs, not the needs of others.

Many people like to ask family and friends for recommendations before choosing a personal trainer, but it’s important to remember that you might have very different personal fitness goals and a different combination of personality traits that you want in a personal trainer. After narrowing down your options to a few candidates, don’t be afraid to conduct a short interview with each of them. Be honest, and ask questions. Most personal trainers are always happy to help in any way possible, even if it means recommending one of their colleagues who might be a better fit. For more information on how to find a personal trainer, contact Fit2DMax today.

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