Workout Routines to Get Fit for My Wedding

oin us for a “Get fit for my wedding” workout program. We want to help you prepare for this transitional life event. Imagine standing at the ceremony feeling and looking your best. Our fitness trainers strive to help you reach your wedding wellness goals. We can also prepare you for an active honeymoon that may include hiking, biking, swimming and more. Your wedding is one of the happiest moments in your life, but as you plan the honeymoon and the wedding, you realize how many hours a week the planning requires. It may be tempting to forget the workout and try on wedding dresses or spend time taking virtual tours of honeymoon suites, but we will keep you committed and consistent with your “Get fit for my wedding” program. Our bridal fitness programs use various workout techniques including boot camps, strength training, circuit training and interval training to slim, tone and strengthen your body. We help you achieve the look you desire for your big day.

How do I get fit for my wedding?

You call us! Fit2DMAX is here to support you through this major life event. Our bridal workout program will help you reach your weight loss goals and we provide educational advice on the importance of combining healthy eating with your exercise regimen. Our trainers guide you through intense and effective workout sessions that target your core so you arrive strong and slim for your wedding. We also use a variety of resistance equipment to tone your arms and shoulders- you may even choose to wear a sleeveless gown to show your new definition. Our wedding workouts help you reduce the size of your legs and hips for a sexy look that will carry you confidently down the aisle.

Your wedding workouts are also a wonderful way to reduce the stress that may accompany your wedding planning. Exercise releases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers and mood-boosters. No longer will you crash out on the couch every evening. Instead, you return home feeling energized and focused and better able to make your wedding decisions. As your mind-body connection improves, so does your self confidence. You look and feel your best for your wedding day and all the days after. We want to form a lasting relationship with you and encourage you through all of life’s transitions. After your wedding, we are here to provide pre-natal workouts and more.

If you are ready to look your best and preserve that look in your wedding photos, call us today at 404-913-2629 to schedule your Bridal boot camp or private “Get fit for my wedding” workout. Our trainers are ready to learn your goals for the big day and provide a personalized workout routine to help you reach them quickly.

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