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  • California Bread: To Eat or Not to Eat

    California Bread: To Eat or Not to Eat

    California came calling this month, and I was more than happy to answer. With visions of eighty degree days sitting on the beach with my Tally girl, I gleefully began to prepare for the trip. Then two things hit me. What kind of chaos am I getting myself into traveling with a four month old baby, and what on Earth will my four month post baby body look like on a beach?? Now, I’m not a believer in this whole instant snap back to pre-baby body craze. However, I am not going to front as though I wouldn’t mind getting my shape back and not only welcome it back with open arms, but also throw a party for it with a pinata and all. Although I’m not in love with all my newly ....

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  • Find a Personal Trainer Using the ‘The 3 P’s’

    Find a Personal Trainer Using the ‘The 3 P’s’

    For those who are trying to find a personal trainer to boost their results in the gym, it can sometimes be very confusing to choose only one. What qualities should you look for in a personal trainer? Do you want someone more aggressive who is going to push you past your current limitations? Or do you need someone more nurturing in their approach? Everyone has different needs, and every fitness instructor is different. But all personal trainers should have the same essential qualities that we like to call The 3 P’s. 1. Patience A professional personal trainer should understand that every client is different. What works for one client may not work for another. Upon your ....

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  • Workout Routines to Get Fit for My Wedding

    Workout Routines to Get Fit for My Wedding

    Join us for a “Get fit for my wedding” workout program. We want to help you prepare for this transitional life event. Imagine standing at the ceremony feeling and looking your best. Our fitness trainers strive to help you reach your wedding wellness goals. We can also prepare you for an active honeymoon that may include hiking, biking, swimming and more. Your wedding is one of the happiest moments in your life, but as you plan the honeymoon and the wedding, you realize how many hours a week the planning requires. It may be tempting to forget the workout and try on wedding dresses or spend time taking virtual tours of honeymoon suites, but we will keep you committed and ....

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  • Getting Fit: 4 Types of Group Fitness Classes

    Getting Fit: 4 Types of Group Fitness Classes

    Choosing among the many different types of group fitness classes can sometimes be a challenge, but your final selection will largely depend on your personal fitness goals. Do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Or are you trying to increase muscle mass? Perhaps you are getting ready to walk down the aisle and simply want to look amazingly toned for your wedding day? At Fit2DMax, we offer a variety of group classes led by some of the most experienced and motivating fitness instructors in the industry. Types of Group Fitness Classes Weight Loss Almost any group fitness class can help you lose weight, but the most effective options include Zumba classes, kettlebell training, and ....

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  • Discover Fitness Benefits of Small Group Training

    Discover Fitness Benefits of Small Group Training

    Here at Fit2DMAX, we offer small group training to enhance your overall fitness experience. If you struggle to workout on your own or lose motivation quickly, small group training is one of our affordable solutions for you. You will be encouraged to stay on track for your goals and improve your relationships. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer and a small group, you are more apt to keep the appointment and perform your workout. Instead of skipping a workout, these small group training sessions remain a permanent fixture on your weekly calendar. As a result of your dedication, you reach your fitness goals faster. Along with remaining more consistent, you will feel an ....

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  • Group training to overcome losses – How to take one on the chin and press on

    Group training to overcome losses – How to take one on the chin and press on

    The group training concept we’ve adopted comes from the quote: “We get there faster by ourselves, but we go further together.” It takes a decision from an individual to become a champion but we all need to be helped sometimes after we fall down. In the sport of boxing, true champions usually are the ones that stand the test of time, and who are able to overcome obstacles and adversities. As a fighter, you will throw some punches and hits, and you will also be hit. It doesn’t go one way, it’s a two way exchange. There’s a term that boxers use which is called, “Taking one on the Chin.” In the literal sense, it means to be punched ....

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  • Small Group Training can ignite weight loss

    Small Group Training can ignite weight loss

    Many times, the goals that you have for your life just may not happen overnight. Some of your most important goals may take weeks, months and dare I say years before those goals reach fruition. The reason why a majority of people don’t reach their goals is because they quit a week before, they can gain momentum. They don’t hit their goal because they throw in the towel a month before the goal is reached. They run away from the goal because they run out of endurance to do a little more lifting that it takes to win it all. It’s the truth. If you knew how much it would take to reach your goal, would you find a way to stick it out? Anyone who achieves ....

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  • Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer for the Core

    Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer for the Core

    This is Maxim Nazaire, your Roswell GA Bootcamp Trainer for the Core and Abs. Our exercise for today is again another abdominal exercise to help you tighten those abs. We all want to workout those ab muscles. This exercise is called the hold the world. So let’s have a seat on the ground here. First things first, stick your arms out so it can help maintain your balance. Here is the link to see the video on Youtube if you want to follow via video! https://youtu.be/jPadyz-Roas The next step is to take your feet off the ground. Notice that your knees are bent, your feet are off the ground, and arms are out to the side. That’s what helps with your balance. Take that ....

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  • HIIT Training Battle Ropes

    HIIT Training Battle Ropes

    HIIT Training is popular in Roswell, GA among other places. People tend to ask about HIIT Training all the time. If you don’t, know what HIIT means, that is okay! HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. A great exercise that you can incorporate into your HIIT style training is the Battle rope whips. Here is some video that will show you exactly how to incorporate the battle ropes into your exercise program. 1. Grab the rope with a firm grip. Gloves can help you to enhance the grip. 2. Walk with the rope to make sure that there is no give to the rope. You want to have the length necessary to create beautiful waves like the ocean. 3. Take a step forward. ....

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  • Roswell Bootcamp Style

    Roswell Bootcamp Style

    If you are a resident in and around the Roswell area and you are someone who has always been interested in doing a Roswell bootcamp you should read this. If you haven’t taken that first step yet, it’s so important for you to understand what the true benefits of bootcamp are, and what bootcamp isn’t or shouldn’t be. Gone are the days when you would meet at a park at 4:30 am, rain or dark. At 4;30am, there is no such thing as sun shine. When bootcamps became popular, you would have someone dressed in camouflage gear, yelling at you overused and inapplicable cliches such as “No pain no gain”. Although we all can appreciate the idea of digging down deep ....

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