Getting Fit: 4 Types of Group Fitness Classes

Choosing among the many different types of group fitness classes can sometimes be a challenge, but your final selection will largely depend on your personal fitness goals. Do you want to lose a few extra pounds? Or are you trying to increase muscle mass? Perhaps you are getting ready to walk down the aisle and simply want to look amazingly toned for your wedding day? At Fit2DMax, we offer a variety of group classes led by some of the most experienced and motivating fitness instructors in the industry.

Types of Group Fitness Classes

Weight Loss

Almost any group fitness class can help you lose weight, but the most effective options include Zumba classes, kettlebell training, and spinning classes. “Zumba” is a Colombian word that translates to “move fast.” So, if you like to exercise along with some of the latest dance hits, this might be an excellent choice. A recent study by the American Council on Exercise found that some kettlebell classes can help you burn a whopping 20.2 calories per minute.

Strength Training

Instructors can also customize Zumba and Pilates classes to improve strength and muscle tone, and kettlebell training is one of the best types of group fitness classes if you want to get a good cardio workout along with your strength training. Another option is a powerlifting class, where the participants often use lightweight dumbbells and barbells to perform a series of fast-paced exercises with high reps. The instructor often designs the class to work every major muscle group in the body.

Prenatal Group Fitness

Here at Fit2DMax, we specialize in prenatal and after-pregnancy workouts. Many new mothers can often be a bit self-conscious about their body image during and immediately after pregnancy. So, working out with other women going through the same types of body changes can be very motivating. The classes might include a combination of floor exercises, such as plies, thigh extensions, planks, and pelvic tilts. Or other options might include Pilates, barre, or yoga movements.

Bridal Boot Camp

Planning a wedding can involve several months of excessive stress that can wreak havoc on the body, mind, and spirit. The Fit2DMax Bridal Boot Camp is one of the most effective types of group fitness classes to help reduce this stress that can easily lead to bloating, emotional eating, and weight gain. It’s also a great way to meet other young brides-to-be and to share your ideas about the future. The instructors of the Bridal Boot Camp focus not only on relieving this stress but on helping you to tone your core, legs, arms, and waist so that you look your very best in that beautiful wedding dress.

Try several types of group fitness classes to see which ones you like.

Regular exercise helps to improve our mental and emotional outlook. We simply feel better, happier, and more energized when we participate in a fitness program. The important thing is to find a form of exercise that you truly enjoy. Try several types of classes. Attend a yoga class on Monday, a Zumba class on Wednesday, and a kettlebell class on Friday. Eventually, you will find a few classes that you really love. For more information on the different types of group fitness classes, contact Fit2DMax today.

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