Discover Fitness Benefits of Small Group Training

Here at Fit2DMAX, we offer small group training to enhance your overall fitness experience. If you struggle to workout on your own or lose motivation quickly, small group training is one of our affordable solutions for you. You will be encouraged to stay on track for your goals and improve your relationships. When you schedule an appointment with a trainer and a small group, you are more apt to keep the appointment and perform your workout. Instead of skipping a workout, these small group training sessions remain a permanent fixture on your weekly calendar. As a result of your dedication, you reach your fitness goals faster.

Along with remaining more consistent, you will feel an increase in your motivation. This motivation may come from a spark of competition to lift a greater weight volume, or complete one more repetition than your group partners. Although we keep a non-competitive workout arena, friendly competition that motivates you to perform better is one of the fitness benefits of small group training. It is also helpful to see others complete challenging workouts. This encourages you to challenge yourself and move beyond your workout plateaus. You will discover other benefits of small group training such as an increased desire to exercise. The sessions are more enjoyable with others. You begin to look forward to your sessions and to the advancements toward your goals.

Affordable Benefits of Small Group Training

If you have always wanted to complete a personal training session, but it is not within your budget, affordability is one of the many benefits of small group training. Our trainer is still able to provide personal attention and an individualized workout within the small group training setting. Your personal evaluations are created, your goals are set and our trainer supplies the exercises that meet your needs. We use a variety of training tools such as medicine balls, free weights and kettlebells. Some exercises you perform on your own and others use a partner, which is ideal for the small group training sessions. Our small group training sessions also enjoy bodyweight exercises that incorporate partner work to stimulate your muscles in many ways. We use partner flexibility exercises to improve your range of motion and the look and feel of your body. Your group can choose to exercise with our trainers throughout the week or once a week depending on your fitness goals and financial availability.

We are proud to offer small group training here at Fit2DMAX. Our trainers mix up the weekly workouts to keep you challenged. Gather your group and call us at 404-913-2629 to schedule your training session today. Even if you already use our personal training sessions, a group session is a way to boost your performance and enhance your overall health.

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