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Founded in 2004 by CNN Wellness Expert Max Nazaire, Safe Haven Fitness relies on Nazaire’s leadership and his vision for on point, on time and on target workout experiences. Our “3D workout” programs focus on three energy systems within the body to shed pounds, cut inches off the waist line, build strength and boost energy. Our goal as a leading Roswell personal training studio is to make working out both fun and challenging — and above all, effective.

  • Founder and Creator of Safe Haven Fitness
  • Certified Fitness Coach
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Education: Farmingdale State University, Stony Brook University
  • Written and Published 3 books and enjoys zip lining

For a long time it’s been my obsession to help people reach their God given potential through fitness and wellness.

That’s been our vision at our previous fitness studio (Fit2DMax) for many years.

During Fall and Winter of 2021, I spent a lot of time away from the studio in thought and prayer.

The clarity that I experienced from this hiatus was nothing short of a revelation.

The reason why I became a Personal Trainer was because I wanted to make the world a better place by helping the world become healthier one individual at a time.

The reason why I opened a Fitness studio was because I wanted to build a safe space for people to reach their fitness goals.

I’ve had the great fortune to work with some of the best minds in the fitness industry.

In my earlier years working in New York City and Georgia I’ve been able to work at some of the top fitness clubs in the nation.

But what drove me to build a fitness studio was that I wanted to create something that I didn’t see.

I wanted to give my clients a home away from home that would be unique, different and special.

I wanted to build a place that wasn’t about fashion shows but where you can bring your own style with no judgment.

A place where I can bring my daughters and we can sing along to the songs that play on our radio without running into profanity laced tirades.

A place where the coaches don’t run you into the ground, but they build you up.

I wanted to build a place that hit the perfect balance of meeting you right where you are at today: Not forcing you to do box jumps and super heavy weights with chalk but at the same time that doesn’t patronize you with chair workouts and pre-made circuits that don’t deliver results.

Not too hard, but not too easy. The perfect workout that produces changes that you can feel and see.

We walk into the evolution of how we will serve the world through our core values of Gratitude, Resolve, Communication, Ownership, Anticipation, Adaptability and ‘Sticktoitiveness’.

So after a lot of deliberation, prayer and thought, we became SAFE HAVEN FITNESS.

Our vision is to provide a safe haven for you to pursue your God given potential through fitness and wellness.

As we move forward, we will build on the tradition started by Fit2DMax and lean in deeper through the Safe Haven way.

We want to be the place that can be your home away from home.

We want you to feel so comfortable pursuing your fitness goals with us that you are proud to bring your family in.

Our goal is for you to celebrate life with us, to connect with your neighbors in a meaningful way and to have a ton of fun doing it!

With Safe Haven Fitness we are going all in on celebrating your successes, connecting to like minded people to create positive change, and to bring the fun back to fitness!

To your health,

Max Naziare

Owner and Founder

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