Small Group Training can ignite weight loss

Many times, the goals that you have for your life just may not happen overnight. Some of your most important goals may take weeks, months and dare I say years before those goals reach fruition. The reason why a majority of people don’t reach their goals is because they quit a week before, they can gain momentum. They don’t hit their goal because they throw in the towel a month before the goal is reached. They run away from the goal because they run out of endurance to do a little more lifting that it takes to win it all. It’s the truth.

If you knew how much it would take to reach your goal, would you find a way to stick it out?

Anyone who achieves something great never does it alone. A great example of this are NASCAR drivers. They may drive alone, but they don’t race alone. They make pit stops, and the pit crew helps them to make the necessary adjustments in the car so that they can get back on the road and run fast again. Cyclist use groups so that they can go faster together. When cyclist are in a group, they can cut through the wind better and pace each other so that everyone is able to feed off of each other’s energy. Runners will draft behind one another to distribute the running load so that they can have a stronger finish. See, when you are in a group, it makes it easier for you to endure through the process of reaching that significant goal in your life. When you are in a group, it becomes easier to establish a culture of excellence within that micro community.

The benefit of a small group training program can help you complete your goal.

Why so we skip small group training and insist on doing things on our own?

1. Lack of trust – In life, sometimes we skip the group thing because we think that the group will hurt us, steal your our work, ideas, and take credit for our thoughts.

2. Unhealthy competition – Think that if you share within the group that everyone will get a head of you. Learning more ways to be secure in yourself, where you are at right now and where you are going will help to deal with this issue. At the end of the day, it’s all about being better. If it takes a group to help you grow, then don’t dismiss those opportunities to get better.

3. Buying into the myth and romanticism of being a self made man or woman. If you buy into the ideology of doing it on your own without any help, then my friend, you must love taking the long way home. Never be confused about how I feel about this: Your wins are your wins. Your losses are your losses. You own them. It’s great to share your wins with the people that helped you to get there, It’s easier to endure a loss when there are people there to pick you up, encourage you and push you along as you make your comeback.

Endurance isn’t always about being able to last the longest. Really it’s all about holding on after others have let go. One of the definitions of endurance is the capacity of something to last or to withstand wear and tear. Groups will always have more staying power than individuals because when one is weak, the others can bring that person along. Small group training can be the solution that you need to cross that proverbial finish line.

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